Month: April 2015

Center for Nonviolence Poster

Jason 2

The first in a series of anti-violence posters designed pro-bono for the Center For Nonviolence, here in Fort Wayne. I photographed the volunteers separately, and collaborated with the center’s marketing department on the copy.

BBall Play-by-Play Recreation


For my 2015 Central High All-Year Reunion. It’s a play-by-play recreation of an old basketball game that was recorded without sound. With the help of Ray Thompson, the 6th man of the bench for Central, we are reconstructing the game. 21 Alive’s Kent Hormann provided the play-by-play off a script I wrote and his improv from watching the game.

I had Kent do 2 passes: a color commentary (general) version and the play-by-play summary with the players’ names. The specific version is based on the play-by-play that Ray Thompson, the 6th man off the bench for Central, provided as we watched the game together.

I combined the 2 to make one audio track and applied that to the video. Currently working on the DVD duplication of the game (with interviews from 2 Central players).

For press related to the project, click HERE.