For A Job Well Done (Print Edition)

BookFinally, my Community Care Pharmacy / Lafayette Medical Center Retrospective Magazine is complete. 68 pages (including the cover), 47 ads (I designed 42 of them) and 21 interviews. I told the story I wanted to tell…not just the story of the pharmacy and the building that houses it, but also the story of a zip code and a summary of the medical history (specifically the medical history for African Americans) for a part of the city.

The idea of the “community” is present in the form of the ads, as well as the interviews, we chose for the magazine.

Interviewed are doctors and pharmacists, customers and small business owners from the community. I also interviewed the architect of the Lafayette Medical Center about his design process and an electrician who, 20 years ago, was living and surviving in Iraq but came to live in Fort Wayne and patronize the pharmacy.

Mr. Butler decided to close the pharmacy towards the end of the magazine’s production; I was able to reflect the announcement in the magazine, to properly conclude the story of Community Care.