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Fort Wayne Firsts: Proof of Concept

Concept and Art/Creative Direction

Was granted $2,000 by the Downtown Improvement District (DID) to produce proof of concept. Fort Wayne Firsts is an interactive history/activity project that will highlight the firsts of Black Fort Wayne, including entrepreneurs, musicians, etc., being produced for schools to use for free. Will be both print and digital.

For the coloring test, click the LINK.

The link has the early “mechanics” test, without the history lesson, for the coloring. Subject is Leslie Johnson, the first Fort Wayne native to be drafted by the WNBA. The color picker is at the top of the page. Pick a color and then click on Leslie.

We are going to auto-fill some of the colors, like skin, and will apply other cool features in later drafts.

For the math test, click the LINK.

The link is also another “mechanics” test. For future drafts, we will give directions for how to do the complicated math for younger kids, as well as incorporating history lessons.

Javon Bell (Bellaire Studio) is my partner on this. Part of the proceeds from the crowd-funding will be given to the African/African-American Historical Society Museum of Allen County.

Below are rough drafts of the two print pages.