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Media Production Company (Owner: William Bryant Rozier)

The Brown v. Board of Education Comic Booklet

Concept and Art/Creative Direction
On My Desk Stuff

A comic booklet I wrote, co-designed, and produced about the Brown v. Board of Education case, for the Fort Wayne Ink Spot Newspaper, for schools. I conceived of the booklet approach. Art by Danielle Arrington, 12-year-old artist Jade Henry (art not pictured), and Afua Richardson. Lettering by Chris Johnson and myself.

The comic also teaches the reader how to read the book, including utilizing directional arrows and a read-then-turn-the-page timeline.

As of the Summer of 2021, the comic was printed for Fort Wayne area schools.

Recognition: Silver Award Collateral Material: Publication Design 2021 American Advertising Federation (AAF) Fort Wayne