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F.W. Urban League SoundWalk Project (FWF)


Belonging to the Fort Wayne Firsts project (about the historic firsts from Black Fort Wayne), the At That Time: F.W. Urban League SoundWalk Project is an audio documentary/oral history about the local Urban League (FWUL) and the neighborhoods it has impacted.

A collaboration with SoundWalk creator Kurt Roembke, we will interview at least 15 participants. (The project is recorded, in part, at the WELT Studios.)

Interviewees: Denise Porter, Condra Ridley, Mary Barksdale, Christopher Elliott, Sheila Curry-Campbell, Synovia Brown, Roberta Ridley, Joe Jordan, Paula McGee, Carol Cartwright, Dr. Alfred Brothers Jr., John Rogers, Jonathan C. Ray, Leroy Jackson, Joanna Patterson, and Etse Mulugeta.

The SoundWalk project, to be unveiled during the Summer of 2023 as a phone app and website, will be the first Fort Wayne Firsts (FWF) project completed. Funding for it has been provided by Indiana Humanities, the Fort Wayne Media Collaborative, the Indiana Landmarks Black Heritage Preservation Program, and PNC Bank (art sponsor). Funding for FWF has been provided by Ambassador Enterprises, Lincoln Financial, and the Downtown Improvement District.

Pics: Interviewee Dr. Alfred Brothers Jr.; brochure from National U.L. Guilds conference in Indy, from 1986 (donated); in 1980, Vernon Jordan, the then president of the national Urban League, was shot critically after an event in Fort Wayne (donated); interviewees Denise Porter & Condra Ridley, and Joe Jordan; 436 E. Douglas Ave. (donated); a 1939 aerial view of the Westfield area of Fort Wayne, which was heavily populated by African-Americans (donated); interviewees Synovia Brown and Mary Barksdale (and others) at an U.L. function (donated). Illustration: Aaron Minier.

Trailer with Intro (2 minutes 30 seconds-ish):

Extended Trailer (7 minutes):