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Media Production Company (Owner: William Bryant Rozier)

2023 Gov. Arts Awards Docs


During the summer of 2023, with TopSphere Media, I won the pitch to produce documentaries for the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC). The project highlighted the five recipients of the Governor’s Arts Awards and the award artist, Emily Bennett. The deliverables included six short documentaries (profile pieces) and one 40-minute doc that was screened at the Governor’s Statehouse on February 27, 2024. Link for one of the shorts can be found below.

I couldn’t have done it without the talents of my Director of Photography and Main Editor, Zach Vessels of TopSphere Media. My responsibilities included:
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Scripting/Co-editing
Using the general theme I developed, about the luxury of growing old with your art, I wanted to show how decisions made and advice given in the past can ripple in the present and the future. Thanks to Christy, Shaun, D., Bryan, Emily, and Jim for your time and trust to tell those stories. And thanks to the IAC for the amazing job.

Click image BELOW to watch one of the shorts, featuring Bryan Ballinger.