Author: WBR

Big Book of Central (For Mobile Exhibition)

BigBook WebsiteTo start the African American Museum’s mobile exhibiting, I designed and produced (photo-copied pages for) The Big Book of Central.

The All-Yearbook boasts one page from every Central High School Yearbook, from 1922-1971.

Central was the first Fort Wayne high school; the book is kicking off our coverage of the history of education in the city.



Mini Mobile Display

Working on a series of mobile display panels for the African/African American Historical Society Museum. I designed and am presently building the mobile displays for my Central event. But the museum will also use them for their Museum on Wheels program. This is the MINI.

The content pages are held up with magnets (bottom left pic).

Folding Wing Aircraft – Folding Paper Airplane


As a co-production with the African American Museum here in town, I conceived/designed this paper airplane that tells the story of Hermon Grimes Sr., the inventor the the folding wing aircraft design that helped win World War II by shortening the war and savings lives.

With every fold, more of Grimes’ story is told. We plan on incorporating this into our MADE History Comic/Aeronautics for kids program.

MADE History: INTERACTIVE Comic Books for Preschools

Spikes LRThe first in the series of comic books that I’m gearing towards Preschools (and eventually Grade Schools). This version is the first comic for Preschools, replete with interactive elements, including (in this comic) fill-in-the-blanks and and a couple of coloring sections (the light bulb / IDEA).

We’re also working on an interactive pdf version of each comic.

I conceived the project and am producing it for the African American Museum.